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At TechSpec, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience, one that will keep them coming back to our store time and time again. That’s why we believe that our store policies should be fair, clear and transparent. Once a purchase has been placed you will instantly receive a link for a pdf file ready for download. There is no shipping fees for digital products. All downloads are created on Adobe Illustrator all files are in pdf format which can be used freely once dowloaded with no watermarks or copy rights restrictions.


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Grow Your Vision

Fashion templates are an essential tool for creating accurate and consistent tech packs and presentations

in the fashion industry.

These templates serve as a guide for designers to communicate their vision clearly and precisely to manufacturers and clients.

Tech packs are a detailed set of instructions that contain all the necessary information for a garment's production, including the design

specifications, measurements, materials, trims, and construction details. By using fashion templates, designers can easily convey the

specific design details for each garment, ensuring that manufacturers have all the information needed to produce the garment

accurately and efficiently.

In addition to tech packs, fashion templates are also useful for presentations. Fashion presentations are a visual representation of

a designer's collection,

often used to showcase the collection to clients or investors. Fashion templates allow designers to create consistent and

professional-looking presentations, which can help them to convey their creative vision more effectively.

Fashion templates come in various forms, such as, flat sketches, and technical drawings. Flat sketches are 2D technical drawings that

show a garment's front, back, and sides, providing detailed information on design details, such as seams, pockets, and zippers.

Technical drawings are detailed illustrations that include all necessary measurements and construction details, and are used to

convey the garment's technical specifications.

In conclusion, fashion templates are crucial for creating accurate and consistent tech packs and presentations in the fashion industry.

They help designers communicate their vision effectively to manufacturers and clients, ensuring that the final product meets the

desired specifications.

Using fashion templates also allows designers to create consistent and professional-looking presentations that can help them

stand out in acompetitive industry.


How It Works

We can confirm there is no fee for online digital products shipping cost only apply to physical goods.


How It Works

There are no refunds for digital files once they have been downloaded after purchase.


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